Deerskin Leather Acoustic Lace

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Peace General Co. Deerskin Leather Acoustic Lace:

24” long and 3/8” wide leather lace is super durable and great for attaching your instrument to a guitar strap.  We suggest a double knot for extra security.  This is a long piece and can be wrapped twice or used on two separate straps/instruments. Available in three colors black, brown or turquoise.

This deerskin is incredibly strong and makes a great alternative to shoelaces.  It also fits in smaller spaces than other acoustic attachment alternatives.  We’ve even seen it used to attach a guitar strap to a banjo!

Super versatile, simple and handy for any well prepared musicians kit.


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Christian from France on Sep 16, 2016
This is my second strap from copperpeace, and both are great !
I'm very proud to wear these straps when playing live or at home, and I wish it will help to make discover Copperpeace here in France.
Many thanks,