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Meet the Copperpeace short strap.  Ultra compact and lightweight with limited adjustability.  Perfect for smaller and lighter instruments, ukuleles or as a starter strap for kids!  

Can be used with optional lace to tie-on to a headstock. Includes durable silicon strap blocks which we recommend as a “must” for use with this strap on most guitars. 100% genuine unlined leather is very strong, though thinner than other Copperpeace straps (for reference if you are familiar with the CP collection).

Features Include:

  • Adjusts 37"-42" with four endpin holes
  • Strong and durable genuine solid black leather
  • Simplicity and sleek design
  • Ukulele/kid friendly
  • Compact Travel-friendly design
  • Optional Leather Deerskin lace for attaching to instrument without top endpin
  • Includes 2 Clear Silicone strap blocks (highly recommended for securing this strap to endpins)
  • Copperpeace embossing and small cloth bag

Additional Use Idea: Use in conjunction with S-biners or double snap hooks for instruments that attach with clips instead of end pins.

This strap is unlined and best used with strap blocks or locks to ensure secure attachment to end pins.  

Hand Made in the USA

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