Copperpeace Homerun Guitar Strap Black Leather

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Meet the suave and stylish Copperpeace Homerun Leather Guitar Strap; the epitome of coolness and comfort. With buttery baseball glove leather exterior and garment leather lining that's as smooth as a buttery riff. Its adjustable design and 2" width feel incredible, while its top-notch craftsmanship ensures it'll be your faithful companion for a lifetime of epic jams.
Get ready to rock and roll with a strap that's made to make you smile, have you rocking in style, and strumming with joy! 

Homerun Features Include: 

  • Adjustable from 37"-54"

  • Comfortable 2" Width 

  • Smooth Garment Leather Lining for Easy Movement on your shoulder

  • Signature Copperpeace 'Pick Pocket'

  • Options: Copper Medallion or Metal-free Embossing

  • Includes Copperpeace cloth bag

❂ Handmade in the USA ❂

There’s only one of You. Bring a little peace to the world. 

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9 reviews

4.9 out of 5, based on 9 reviews
Brian from Chicago, IL on Jan 28, 2018
Wonderful quality, ergonomic materials, very player-friendly design.
Jeremy from Indianapolis on Feb 08, 2017
My favorite!!! The most Comfortable strap ever, that's why I have 2 black and 1 brown haha.
Jordan from Fremont, CA on Dec 19, 2016
First of all, I only had one experience with a leather guitar strap and it did not make me a fan. It was when I was trying out my friend's Rickenbacker and he had the matching Rickenbacker strap. That thing stuck to my shirt and it would move my shirt whenever I moved the guitar. So annoying, ack!

The Homerun is the opposite. It's buttery smooth, feels good 'round my shoulder, smells good, and is pretty durable. I also love the pick-pocket. I will definitely pick up another in a different color some other time.
Jason Wanda from WV USA on Jul 08, 2016
I love this strap. Very high quality. The only strap I could find worthy my beloved Les Paul.
Adam from NJ on Apr 16, 2015
Love this strap so much. The pick holder is extremely convienent for someone who switches between finger style and picking. Very comfortable, feels like you're not even holding a guitar! Severely recommended.
david from Orange County, CA on Apr 14, 2015
Another winner from Copperpeace. Beautiful design and excellent quality. Over the top customer service! Love it!!
Josephine from So. Cal. on Dec 31, 2013
This is a beauty. Great quality with flare not flash.
For the serious musician who knows their roots this is a great gift.
Vintage vibe.
Christopher Kim from San Jose on Aug 01, 2013
Simply yet beautifully made, solid, comfortable.. Exactly as described in the description. What more can you ask for!
Awesome guitar strap. Well done, thanks Copperpeace!
Jasmine from LA on Oct 28, 2012
I get these straps as gifts all of the time and musicians LOVE them. Incredibly well crafted and designed. These straps look really luxe (as luxe as a guitar strap can be, at least.) The packaging is awesome and I love telling people about the story behind the brand. Highly recommended.