Guitar Straps // Peace General Store

Whether you have an electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, fender stratocaster,  telecaster, gibson les paul, epiphone or other guitar, then we've got you covered...or strapped! Checkout our deluxe Copperpeace guitar straps. The thick leather guitar straps makes guitar strap locks optional.  We have acoustic guitar strap options, buckle guitar straps, guitar belts, bass straps, electric guitar straps, vintage guitar straps, retro style, basic brown leather guitar straps, black guitar straps and more!  So if you want a cool guitar strap then you're in the right place.

Copperpeace guitar straps have also been worn by an incredible roster of celebrities.  These straps are not sold just anywhere.  They're very exclusive and only available direct via Copperpeace on Etsy and here at Peace General Store.  So don't look for them at places like guitar center.  We care about customer service and maintaining the utmost highest quality and best prices for these designer heirloom leather guitar straps.