Why Copperpeace?

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Why Copperpeace?

Copperpeace specializes in leather guitar straps, banjo straps & bags. Each piece is ever so unique, awaiting the story and life you will bestow upon it. 

Copperpeace is also a way of thinking and creating a more peaceful world through art and music. 

When you purchase a Copperpeace product, know that it was made with mindfulness and an intention for longevity and inspiration.

Copperpeace is more than a brand--it's a mindset, a community, and way of life. Peace can be found in Music. Peace can be created through music.

Tell me More about the products!

CP products are entirely USA made, currently produced between California, the Midwest and the Pacific Northwest. We take pride in strong partnerships with talented artisans and independent purveyors who strengthen our local living economies, work in healthy environments, and care about happy customers.

Leather is the perfect material for a guitar strap. It's strong, it looks great, and it will only get better with age. If you're looking for the best leather guitar strap, choose CP products.

Copperpeace makes the best leather guitar straps, because they are made with thoughtfulness. Join Copperpeace on our mission to spread the words of Peace. Are you ready to join the movement? Shop CP straps and accessories now!

Why Leather Guitar Straps?

Copperpeace specializes in stylish leather guitar straps that are made to be worn for many years and become heirlooms you can pass down with your guitar. We hope to eventually find a material that stands the test of time like the leather we use. CP leather is Tanned in environmentally sound ways and all scraps and small pieces are kept rather than discarded to be made use of.

Leather is a natural material that forms to your body over time. The more you wear it, the more comfortable it becomes. Leather also has an inherent strength that will protect your guitar from dings and scratches while you're out playing.

This is why we can give our customers a satisfaction guarantee with Copperpeace products. Many musicians have been rocking their CP straps for 10+ years!

If you're looking for the best guitar strap money can buy, look no further than Copperpeace. Our leather straps are made to last a lifetime and will keep your guitar safe while you're out playing!