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There are a few things to consider when purchasing a guitar strap for your Les Paul. First, because the Les Paul is a heavier guitar, you'll want a strap that can support its weight. Second, because the Les Paul has a full body, you'll want a strap that is wide enough to support it.  If comfort is the goal look for a strap that is at least 2 inches wide. If you are looking for style and durability as well as to mimic the original strap worn by Les Paul you could consider a skinny black leather Copperpeace Oldstyle guitar strap with...

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There are two ways to attach a guitar strap: Using the buttons on your guitar Using one button and a string or acoustic loop through neck of guitar There are two general styles of guitar straps that adjust differently: Tail guitar straps (smaller tail piece adjusts through slots on guitar strap body. This style is generally seen with leather guitar straps) Slider guitar straps (adjusts length with a tri-glide buckle or slider. This style is found most often as a seatbelt guitar strap, denim or fabric guitar strap, vinyl or vegan guitar strap and most ubiquitous as a nylon or...

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Copperpeace specializes in leather guitar straps, banjo straps & bags. Each piece is ever so unique, awaiting the story and life you will bestow upon it.  Copperpeace is also a way of thinking and creating a more peaceful world through art and music.  When you purchase a Copperpeace product, know that it was made with mindfulness and an intention for longevity and inspiration. Copperpeace is more than a brand--it's a mindset, a community, and way of life. Peace can be found in Music. Peace can be created through music. Tell me More about the products! CP products are entirely USA...

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